Cycle Computing is the leader in Utility HPC (high performance computing) software, which enables greater access to computing resources over the Cloud. Through our software, greater access to virtually unlimited computing power will lead to a new era of invention and scientific discovery. Many of the world’s scientific, engineering, and finance minds desire – and need greater computing power. In many instances, limits to computing power, has limited invention and discovery. Today, through a series of technological advances, including cluster computing, and the cloud, has enabled the access, and collaboration, that scientists and engineers have long desired. Cycle Computing and its software products of CycleServer, CycleCloud, and DataManager, represent the enabling force that helps users easily connect to greater computing power using public and private clouds.


Cycle Computing provides turn-key solutions for computation and data management:


  • CycleServer™, the leading HPC orchestration software
  • CycleCloud™, the leading Utility Supercomputing and Cloud HPC software
  • DataManager™ creates secure, durable, elastic and data-aware scheduling for large data challenges
  • Cycle Computing Professional Services represent the most experienced team in Cloud HPC in the industry
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