Company Management

Jason Stowe, Chief Executive Officer 

Jason Stowe is a seasoned entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Cycle Computing, the leader in Utility HPC software. Jason believes the role of Cycle Computing is to develop and provide software to enable greater access to Utility HPC, leading to an era of increased invention, and scientific discovery. Under Jason’s leadership, Cycle Computing products have helped Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Insurance, and Government. Jason has been featured  in New York TimesWall Street JournalWiredBusinessWeekBio-IT World and Forbes. Starting with three initial Fortune 100 clients, Jason has grown the business to deploy proven implementations at Fortune 500s, SMBs and government and academic institutions including JP Morgan Chase, The Hartford Insurance Group, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue University, Pfizer and Lockheed Martin. Jason attended Carnegie Mellon and Cornell Universities, and volunteered/guest lectured for the Entrepreneurship program at Cornell’s Johnson Business School.

Rob Futrick, Chief Technical Officer 

Rob Futrick is Cycle Computing’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), and is responsible for overseeing the research and developments efforts over all Cycle Computing’s software products. As the leader of the engineering team at Cycle Computing, Rob manages the product roadmap, but also prioritizes company resources to maximize value to customers.He brings more than 16 years of engineering and engineering management experience to Cycle Computing. Rob joined Cycle Computing in 2005, working on a number of major software releases including CycleServer, the core telemetry engine at the heart of Cycle’s product line. Since then he has helped develop both the engineering team responsible for delivering Cycle’s innovative products and the services and support team that facilitates enterprise deployments.

Prior to Cycle Computing, Rob studied Computer Science at Cornell University, co-founded Immersive Technologies, and joined the engineering team at MAK Technologies.

Tim Carroll, Ecosystem & Sales

As a seasoned HPC veteran, Tim Carroll is focused on expanding Cycle Computing’s influence, capabilities, and market share through customer collaboration and ecosystem development. His goal is for Cycle to enable its customers and its partners to remove any barrier to addressing the huge questions presented by society and the new data-driven economy.  Making more compute and storage resources available to the broadest base of the research community will ultimately result in better science and better business.

The premise of ease of access to compute, was born out during his previous role as a global executive at Dell.  Beginning in 2007, he ran its North American HPC efforts.  Over time that evolved into global responsibility, at points adding enterprise servers, Big Data and Cloud into his organization.   During his tenure, Dell was the number three provider of Intel Architecture X86 clusters worldwide and each year his team grew both revenue and number of new customers.  Dell customers and partners across academia, government and industry demonstrated time and again that when limits on their compute and storage capacity are removed, so too are the limits on their capability to tackle complex questions.

Since 1994,  Carroll’s career has focused exclusively on disruptive and high performance technologies; holding management roles at Digex, RLX Technologies, Linux Networx, and Platform Computing. That breadth of experience has produced a respect for the the challenge of implementing new solutions and the critical need for collaboration between multiple technology partners to provide a single solution to a customer.  But with 20 years of trial and error, valued relationships with customers and partners, and the passion to solve hard problems, Tim is wildly enthusiastic about the future for Cycle.

Brad T. Rutledge, Marketing

A marketing veteran for companies with a disruptive technology or unique competitive advantage, Brad Rutledge is ideally suited to lead the marketing effort for Cycle Computing. Further developing brand recognition, identifying market trends and customer needs, building relationships, raising awareness and visibility of the company and growth will be the focus of his contributions. Prior to Cycle Computing, Brad successfully engaged with a range of companies as a strategic marketing advisor for Dell, FusionIO, PRGX and The Home Depot, to name a few.  His experience in high performance computing (HPC), included time as Linux Networx Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, a disruptive cluster computing company acquired by SGI. Brad has a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications from Idaho State University, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with coursework in technology commercialization from Westminster College.

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