Infographic Timeline view larger The Evolution of the Supercomputer Computers arose from the need to perform calculations at a pace faster than is possible by hand. Once that problem was solved, the race was on to pit computers against themselves and meet... read more

Cycle Computing Featured in AWS Webinar Dec. 12: Accelerate Manufacturing Design Innovation with Cloud-Based HPC

We have a very exciting webinar coming up this Thursday, Dec. 12, where we have a great user speaker, and real customer use cases that will overview Cloud Computing & Utility HPC and how to accelerate Manufacturing Design. In the one-hour webinar, we’ll review how... read more

Back to the Future: 1.21 petaFLOPS(RPeak), 156,000-core CycleCloud HPC runs 264 years of Materials Science

Hi everyone, it's Jason, and I have an exciting environment to tell you about. If I had asked Cycle engineers to create a massive HPC cluster to supply 1.21 PetaFLOPS of compute power, their reaction would be something like this:    Thankfully,... read more

Recognizing HPC Invention: Cycle Computing & Customers Receive 4 HPCWire Readers Choice Nominations

With so much going on, from technical sessions, to new product launches from vendors, and showcases of scientific and engineering achievement – it’s sometimes nice to step back and recognize the amazing work that’s happened over the past year. And this is exactly what the HPC Wire Readers Choice Awards (http://bit.ly/votecycle2013) are all about.

read more

Big Conferences, Big Sciences, Big Awards

What a blur the past two months have been – in a good way. Industry conferences were in full bloom this April and May so the Cycle team took to the road. Here are just a few of the highlights from our travels…   We kicked off April with the Bio IT... read more

Fortune 500s discuss Cloud HPC, Utility Supercomputing @ Cycle’s re:Invent session

As many of you know, at Cycle we think that giving every researcher, scientist, engineer, and mathematician access to the compute power they need, exactly when they need it, will enable humanity to achieve what its truly capable of.  So we organized five Fortune... read more

BigData, meet BigCompute: 1 Million Hours, 78 TB of genomic data analysis, in 1 week

It seems like every day at Cycle, we get to help people do amazing work, but this week is a little different. This week we wrapped up our involvement in the amazing work by Victor Ruotti of the Morgridge Institute for Research, winner of the inaugural Cycle Computing... read more

CycleCloud BigScience Challenge 2011

I’m planning on offering the equivalent of 8 hours on a ~30,000-core cluster ($10,000 in free CycleCloud time) to help researchers answer questions that will help humanity. But before we get there, let’s talk about why: Recently, Cycle got significant press coverage... read more

CondorWeek 2011 T-Shirts

Every year it seems like the Condor community will run out of ideas for CondorWeek t-shirts, but, we're happy to say that still hasn't happened! Check out list of t-shirt ideas, and please if you have a new idea, please comment! Suggestions so far for 2011:1.... read more

Lessons learned building a 4096-core Cloud HPC Supercomputer for $418/hr

The Challenge: 4096-core Cluster Back in December 2010, we discussed running a 2048-core cluster using CycleCloud, which was in effect renting a circa 2005 Top 20 supercomputer for two hours. After that run, we were given a use case from a client that required us to... read more
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