Provision, manage, and orchestrate multiple cloud providers

Dynamically scale large computation, Big Data, Big Compute and HPC workloads

Log, report, audit, analyze and optimize usage

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Unlimited amounts of compute

Fit jobs to problems instead of available capacity

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Cycle Computing accelerates innovation

by providing simple, managed access to Big Compute.

Our software makes cloud computation productive by orchestrating workflows, managing data, balancing providers, and enabling users in a secure, controlled way.

Real Production Software. Real Production Customers.

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Aerospace Corp.

Headlines & Awards

ARS Technica
Fortune Magazine
BioIT World 2014 Best of Show Winner
HPCwire Best Cloud App
HPCwire Best Life Sciences

What workload do your users want to run today?

At Cycle Computing we have experience helping customers leverage the cloud for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Open source & commercial genomic and drug discovery applications for Life Sciences;
  • Commercial CFD and CAD software for Manufacturing;
  • Monte Carlo, and risk analysis applications for Financial Services;
  • Internally created code for enterprise, or government

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