Announcing ZeroCompute™: Eco-conscious, Instantaneous Utility Supercomputing


Today’s researchers are shackled by a lack of access to compute power. Novel advances in modern science and engineering demand higher performing systems to solve increasingly difficult problems.  

Cycle is pleased to announce our new intelligent orchestration software to meet these challenges, called “ZeroCompute™”.

ZeroCompute solves access to remote high performance cloud computing environments with a patent pending technology designed to accelerate access to HPC and BigData systems. This approach can simultaneously manage science that might normally require brontobyte datasets, and five hundred billion concurrent jobs.

After years building Utility HPC & Utility Supercomputing software, Cycle’s engineers have discovered that the fastest way to execute any algorithm is to just not run it at all.

Although seemingly obvious, by simply not running the science on any cores, we remove the computational challenges and data transfer bottlenecks of today’s BigCompute and BigData workloads. Because ZeroCompute “completes” the floating point in the nanosecond it takes the software to decide not to run anything, accordingly, the system exceeds a peak floating-point performance of over one billion petaflops, at a cost of $0.00 per flop.


By combining ZeroCompute with a nice hammock and an adult beverage, all researchers can now compute with ease. “This is earth shattering technology! For years we have been extremely worried about how can we possibly compute against such large datasets,” says Dr. James Cuff, Cycle’s Chief Technology Officer. “Now with ZeroCompute, we just don’t have to worry. It’s a relief that we can kick back, and allow ZeroCompute to not run the workload for us. It’s so easy anyone can do this, simply by doing nothing!”

We have already seen wide adoption of ZeroCompute methodologies in the market, which will yield a huge slowdown in drug discovery pipelines, massive losses for some financial institutions due to lack of modeling, and engineering and manufacturing companies simply ceasing to create any new, competitive products. Thankfully, ZeroCompute will make this all very easy.

As a further benefit, ZeroCompute is exceptionally ecologically conscious. Using advanced mathematics, and not running any science, has resulted in the highest possible flops/W of any modern computing architecture.


Leaving unused compute capacity to go to waste may power a new economic collapse, increased use of streaming video, and a commodities market rise in stone wheels, caveman suits and wooden clubs; we advise going long on all cave options.  

Jason Stowe, CEO of Cycle Computing said in a statement, “We should have done this years ago! It has been a huge challenge to actually enable utility supercomputing at scale. We used to spend tremendous effort creating 50,000-core supercomputers at the push of a button; now you don’t even have to push the button.”

Unlike competing technology that also doesn’t make actual cloud HPC easy, ZeroCompute is fully available today, and for immediate download from file:///dev/null

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  • Wolfgang Gentzsch

    So that was April 1, guys, and I already thought you had found a way to compete with the free and humanitarian UberCloud Experiment where resources (cycles) are free indeed !!
    Congrats for this nice surprice! Regards, Wolfgang