Automatic license installation for CycleCloud

We know that when getting started on a new project, you want to get right to the important work.  That’s why in CycleCloud version 6.5.5, we’ve added automatic installation of your CycleCloud license. This shortens the setup time and gets you started in the cloud that much faster.

Auto license screen

When you first install the CycleCloud software and provide your Cycle Computing Portal credentials, CycleCloud will check for an unused license. If one is found, it will be immediately applied and you can begin using CycleCloud.

This also makes the license renewal process easier. Once your license has been renewed, CycleCloud will automatically install the updated license. By reducing the administrative work, you can focus on what you really want: better answers, faster.

See the CycleCloud documentation for more information about the automatic license installation feature. If you’d like to learn more about how CycleCloud software makes cloud HPC and big compute productive, contact us.

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