Big Conferences, Big Sciences, Big Awards

What a blur the past two months have been – in a good way. Industry conferences were in full bloom this April and May so the Cycle team took to the road. Here are just a few of the highlights from our travels…  

We kicked off April with the Bio IT World Conference & Expo in Boston. As always, it was an impressive conference in terms of the caliber of the audience and content. I had the honor of chairing the “Risk and Strategy for Pharma in the Cloud” Track, as well as giving a session that highlighted real-world experiences from our Life Sciences customers. The tremendous momentum and impact Utility HPC is having in Life Sciences were further validated when Bio IT World named our customer & partner, Schrödinger, as their BestPractice Grand Prize Winner in IT Infrastructure. Congratulations Schrödinger!

Next stop: the Big Apple for AWS Summit NYC. Hearing a shout out from Werner Vogels during his keynote was a great start to the day. And a big thanks to Stephen Elliott, Sr. Product Manager, EC2, for inviting us to speak during his informative talk on “Optimizing Your AWS Applications and Usage to Reduce Costs.” It was great to share the success we’ve had leveraging spot instances in a wide range of use cases, including the 10,600 server cluster, or $44M worth of compute infrastructure, to run 39 years of science for $4,372!

During the NY Summit, we also announced Cycle’s newest product, DataManager, which facilitates the storage and transfer of data. Customer response has been extremely positive, and we’re proud to report that a Top 10 Pharma is already deploying DataManager to automate archival and retrieval of 75TB data sets to and from Amazon Glacier.

We then hopped on a plane from NYC to San Francisco for #ChefConf – a great opportunity to speak with this impressive community that’s growing by leaps and bounds. Cycle's talk on “Utility HPC: Right Time, Right Scale, Right Science” shared the many ways we’re teaming up with Chef users to orchestrate complex workloads in the cloud faster and for less cost. I was particularly proud of our very own “Awesome Community Chef” award winner, Bryan Berry, a Cycle infrastructure engineer, for his “Food Fight Show,” an immensely valuable resource for  Chef users that want to keep up to date with what’s going on.

We then came back to the West Coast to attend the AWS Summit San Francisco – this time to share the stage with Dave Ward, Sr. Manager, EC2 and reprise my NY Summit talk on our spot instances experiences. Thanks to our partner friends at Opscode for their hospitality in sharing their booth with us at both the NY and SFO Summits.  

From San Francisco, it was on to Madison, WI for HTCondor Week. We wrapped up the Cycle Road Show here with our talk on “HTCondor and Utility HPC in Life Sciences: Use Cases and Lessons Learned.” Cycle Sales Engineer Ian Alderman also spoke on “HTCondor Workflows at Utility SuperComputing Scale: How?” and was a panelist during the “Harnessing the Cloud” discussion. Thanks to the HTCondor community for the warm welcome!

It’s been an incredible couple of months! Looking forward to taking the road trip global at the AWS Summit Tokyo where Cycle has the honor of being a featured guest speaker during the keynote address on June 5th. Meeting with customers, partners and sharing what’s possible with Utility HPC, has been great, and will hopefully help us continue to change the world…  

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