Bridging the [Cloud HPC] Gap. Insights & Images from SC14 & AWS re:Invent

Brad T. RutledgeBy Brad Rutledge, Cycle Computing VP of Marketing

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 8.00.46 AMLooking out over the bridge, it’s clear to see researchers & IT crossing together. At the same time enterprise scientists & engineers are being led by corporate CIOs, also crossing this bridge together. Looking the other direction, the bridge leads to the Cloud. And back. From this perspective, it seems we’re right in the middle of it all. In fact, depending where you stand, we may in fact be the bridge itself.

After attending two very different events in November, the AWS re:Invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas, and then SC14 (Supercomputing) in New Orleans, the feeling of movement is undeniable. The Cloud HPC gap has been bridged. Call it a tipping point, momentum, or just a strong wind at your back – the energy, interest, and action in crossing that bridge is obvious. 

As with any market disruption, industry visionaries have led the way. Early adopters like The Hartford, Johnson & Johnson, Life Technologies, JP Morgan Chase, Purdue University, Pfizer, The Aerospace Corporation, and Lockheed Martin have worked hard with Cycle Computing to take Cloud HPC from an experiment, to today where we deliver production workloads and results, at enterprise-speed.

Now we look to leading enterprises & research institutions that demand more. It’s these organizations that are helping make Cloud cluster computing adoption easier, and faster. HGST (a Western Digital company), Novartis, University of Southern California, and many others like NASA, and Stanford, who recently were recognized for their innovative use of Cloud HPC, represent that acceleration in market adoption.

Attending re:Invent & SC14 back-to-back was a clear demonstration of that momentum. The activity in our booth with customer, partner, media & analyst meetings all indicate the thinking in Cloud HPC has shifted from the evaluation phase, to the implementation phase. And it was the perfect setting to unveil our Cloud HPC Test Drives, where users can use Cycle Computing software to simply and securely run common Benchmarking or NGS workloads on AWS, all for no charge. Trying and implementing Cloud HPC is meeting growing market demands, and enterprise-class expectations.

Now that the bridge has closed the Cloud to HPC gap, look for it to become more of a super highway of usage.

Enjoy some highlights below of these two events, as often times images speak louder than words!


View AWS Session: (BDT311) MegaRun: Behind the 156,000 Core HPC Run on AWS & On-demand Clusters



CEO Jason Stowe accepts two HPCwire Editor’s Choice Awards from Tabor Communications

photo (16)

Cycle Computing’s SC14 booth showcased its One-click Cluster Containers.

StartUpHPC Panel

CEO Jason Stowe sat on the StartUp HPC panel at SC14.


One of the many quadcopters Cycle Computing gave away to lucky Cloud HPC Test Drivers.

Cycle Computing's SC14 booth featuring Cloud HPC Test Drives

Cycle Computing’s SC14 booth featuring Cloud HPC Test Drives


A busy Cycle Computing booth at SC14

A busy Cycle Computing booth at SC14


New Orleans artist Aisha Patrice outlines Cycle Computing’s award-winning Cloud cluster computing software in chalk.


HGST’s David Hinz outlines the strategy for on-demand clusters using Cycle Computing on AWS.


CEO Jason Stowe meeting with customers at the Cycle Computing re:Invent 2014 booth.


Cloud HPC Test Drives were popular at both SC14 and re:Invent.

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