Closing the Computation Gap that Engineers and Scientists Face using Cloud HPC

Brad RutledgeBy Brad Rutledge, Cycle Computing VP of Marketing

A common problem we think about at Cycle Computing is the gap that exists between the researchers & designers – to the computing power they need to do their jobs. Sometimes that gap is a frustratingly long queue time, and more often than not, that gap limits the types of questions that can be asked. One answer of course is Cloud HPC.

In a recent interview published by Intel Health & Life Sciences, Cycle CEO Jason Stowe outlines not only the problem of this gap in modern genomes analysis, clinical trial simulations, and drug development, but also showcases an example of what’s possible when that gap is eliminated.

In the video, Stowe says:

“We’re looking to take the problem of access off the table. Imagine scientists who can ask the right question at the right scale, at any time – and all without worrying about what infrastructure is available to them.”



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