Cloud-Agnostic Glossary

No two cloud service providers are the same. This applies not only to the services they provide, but to what they call the services. At Cycle Computing, we spend a lot of time working with multiple cloud service providers; being able to abstract away small differences in providers is one of the compelling features of CycleCloud.

Over the years, I’ve kept notes for translating concepts across the providers. I’d always assumed someone had put together a more thorough Rosetta Stone, but when I went looking for one recently, I couldn’t find it. Some websites compare two providers, but nobody has put the three major providers on the same page. I figured if I had looked, others are looking, too. I decided to take my notes and fill them out with some additional details. The result is our new Cloud-Agnostic Glossary.

Of course, there’s only so much that can fit on two pages. I intentionally left out a lot of features because including every possible feature would fill a book. This glossary focuses on the features that are most relevant to provisioning big compute infrastructure. Of course, there’s a lot more detail for each of these services than can fit in a glossary.

Feel free to download and share with anyone that you think can use this.

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For more information about what the cloud service providers offer, see their documentation:

* Amazon Web Services —

* Google Cloud Platform —

* Microsoft Azure —

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