Cloud HPC – The CIO’s answer to more computing now

CIO’s today are facing enormous pressure. With the combination of highly accurate simulation software, and extremely powerful computing resources, the tools of today’s engineers, researchers, and quants are vastly different than the wind tunnels, test tubes, and spread sheets from the not so distant past. As our ability to simulate in greater detail, and with greater confidence has risen, so has the hunger for greater computing resources. High Performance Computing (HPC) has moved from the national laboratories, and universities, to Fortune 100 companies, and now today we see the future of where HPC is not only a competitive advantage, but a requirement to compete.

Back to the pressure of today’s CIO. Novartis  Institutes for Biomedical Research presented recently at the AWS Summit in New York, and described the challenge of how to meet exponentially growing demands, with its limited internal resources. The answer to spikes in demand for computing that are beyond internal resources is Cloud HPC. Watch the first hand account of Novartis’ Steve Lister below. 

You can read a more detailed account of this use case Novartis Taps Cloud HPC for Faster Drug Discovery & Better Science. 

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