CondorWeek 2011 T-Shirts

Every year it seems like the Condor community will run out of ideas for CondorWeek t-shirts, but, we're happy to say that still hasn't happened! Check out list of t-shirt ideas, and please if you have a new idea, please comment!

Suggestions so far for 2011:
1. I knew I had a problem when I found myself looking at my phone thinking, "I could run Condor on that!"
2. JPMC uses Condor, BearStearns didn't. hmmmm…
3. My Condor pool's so big, my pool has a pool (hdfs), and even my pool's pool is bigger than your pool…
4. Ray. Ray! the next time someone asks if you're running Condor, you say YES!
5. I don't often run 10,000 core clusters, but when I do, I use Condor. Stay compute-thirsty my friends.
6. "Look at your cluster, now back to me, now look at your cluster, now back to me. I'm Condor, the scheduler your cluster could schedule like."
7. That's no moon, that's Purdue's Condor cluster!
8. Condor: Slots that actually pay out!
9. Dr. Condormatch (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love my Cluster)
10. Condor: "ZKM" WTF?
11. There Can Be Only One condor_master
12. Condor: finding particles, curing disease, and encoding mp3's since 1988.
13. You want the slots? You can't handle the slots!
14. Kirk: Khhaaaaaaaannnnndooooorrrr!

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! If you like one of these over the others, please comment on our blog with your preferences. You don't have to use your name, but please use your e-mail so we can tell if we're using your preference/idea, and get your size!

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  • Ben Cotton

    I’m biased, but I <3 #7. It would have to be black and gold, of course. 6 and 5 are also awesome. I don't like #1 as a shirt, but I've actually considered putting Condor on my N900 for the lulz.

  • Alain Roy

    I vote for 8 & 11.
    I like a subset of 5: “Stay compute-thirsty, my friends”. (I like shorter phrases on t-shirts.)

  • Erik Erlandson

    I vote for 5 and 8.
    Here’s a geeky biology/taxonomy idea:
    Andean Condor — Vultur gryphus
    California Condor — Gymnogyps californianus
    HTCS Condor — Vultur silicium wisconsinus

  • My vote goes to #1.

  • Francesco Prelz

    I vote for 11 and 12, but there’s another one that should be used sooner
    or later. “Condor: Another year without a new flashy home page. Hooray!”

  • b lee

    Toss up between #9 & #13. Movie fan I guess….

  • b

    A Strange-Love or: How I Learned to Stop Wasting Cycles and Love the Bird.

  • Cathrin Weiss

    I like #1 and #13 🙂

  • Inês Dutra

    I vote 11!

  • Kevin McGee

    5, definitely 5.