Cycle Computing accepted into Microsoft Accelerator

Last week, Microsoft announced Cycle Computing as one of 10 companies accepted into the latest group of its Accelerator program. The Microsoft Accelerator program is designed to help late-stage startups ramp up their whole organization: sales pipeline development, CEO coaching, finance, human resources, and marketing. Founded about 10 years ago, Cycle Computing has been growing strongly as use of cloud computing has grown. With cloud moving from “Why would you?” to “Why wouldn’t you?” Cycle Computing’s growth has been accelerating. Being part of this program will open even more doors.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Microsoft Accelerator program,” said CEO Jason Stowe. “In the past decade we’ve developed an incredible product that has helped companies in a variety of industries innovate faster than ever before. The resources provided by Microsoft will enable us to continue to expand our efforts.”

Participation in the Microsoft Accelerator program won’t just help our business processes grow, it will help improve our product as well. CTO Rob Futrick says, “Working with Microsoft will give us access to resources we’ll use to not only improve our Azure support, but do additional testing and auditing of CycleCloud itself. This will benefit all of our customers, no matter which cloud service providers they use.”

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