Cycle Computing Featured in AWS Webinar Dec. 12: Accelerate Manufacturing Design Innovation with Cloud-Based HPC

We have a very exciting webinar coming up this Thursday, Dec. 12, where we have a great user speaker, and real customer use cases that will overview Cloud Computing & Utility HPC and how to accelerate Manufacturing Design. In the one-hour webinar, we’ll review how Cloud computing and Utility HPC is being used today as a competitive advantage with CAD/CAM and electronic design automation (EDA), with the ability to spin up clusters running common industry applications. Real-world manufacturing use cases will be discussed, and we’re honored to have Cycle Computing customer from HGST, a Western Digital Company, overview his experience using HPC in the Cloud.

We’ll also be showcasing details on our Record-breaking MegaRun – the 156,000+ core run we received so much publicity for back in November.

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This webinar follows a busy November for Cycle Computing! Two of the biggest events of the year for Cloud computing and Utility HPC were held back to back: AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, and then SC13 in Denver.

One of the highlights of these events was the first PetaFLOPS-scale cloud cluster, our record-setting MegaRun Cloud computing run – a Utility HPC milestone – and the World’s Largest and Fastest Cloud Computing Run. This run was highlighted in AWS CTO Dr. Werner Vogels’ Keynote Address.

Below are some details:

Real-world Science

  • Cutting-edge Clean Energy Research thanks to Schrödinger Materials Science tools  (
  • Simulated ~205,000 organic semiconductors to determine efficiency as solar materials

MegaRun Stats

  • 156,000+ cores
  • Measured at 1.21 PetaFLOPS peak throughput (not RMax)
  • 264 years of computing in 18 hours
  • World wide cloud run: Across all eight AWS regions (over five continents)
  • Rather than spending $68 Million to buy this system, workload completed for $33,000 

** Important: Although most of our customers use us for 40-4,000 cores, we were happy to announce a new large scale run that illustrates our ability to have secure, production workloads from modest to immense scales. 

Below is some of the exciting attention received:

GigaOM: Cycle Computing once again showcases Amazon’s high 
The Register: Boffins look down back of Amazon Web Services, find a SUPERCOMPUTER
Ars Technica: 18 hours, $33K, and 156314 cores: Amazon cloud HPC hits a “petaflop”
CNET: Supercomputing simulation employs 156000 Amazon processor cores
Network World: $68 million, 200-year, 150000-core analytics job run on Amazon’s 
Silicon Angle -The CUBE:
The New York Times:

If you want to learn more about how Cycle Computing customers are using the same technology as the MegaRun for real-world Manufacturing Design, please attend this week’s Webinar on Accelerating Manufacturing Design using Cloud Computing & Utility HPC.



WEBINAR: Learn about Cycle Computing’s Utility HPC on AWS for Manufacturing


  • Dave Pellerin, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
  • Jason Stowe, Founder and CEO, Cycle Computing
  • David Hinz, Director, Global Cloud Strategy, HGST

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013
Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST


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