CycleCloud 6 feature: Datastore export

This post is one of several in a series describing features introduced in CycleCloud 6, which we released on November 8.

CycleCloud offers built-in reporting tools, but sometimes customers need to ingest data into other reporting or business intelligence systems. CycleCloud 6 adds the ability to easily export data from the datastore in a variety of formats. For any entries in the Data Browser, click the save icon across the top:

CycleCloud 6 data browser page

CycleCloud displays a dialog allowing you to choose:

  • The format (JSON, XML, CSV, and text)
  • To export all values or just the selected entries
  • To export all attributes or just the ones listed in the view

You can click the “Preview” button to display the output in a text box in the browser, or “Download” to download the file directly.

CycleCloud data browser export window

Coming to SC16? Stop by booth #3621 for a demo!

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