CycleCloud 6 feature: Easier SSL certificate handling

This post is one of several in a series describing features introduced in CycleCloud 6, which we released on November 8.

Managing SSL certificates in Java can be a daunting task, but using them is important to provide secure communication to the server. CycleCloud 6 adds a new feature to help manage these certificates.

To create and install a self-signed certificate or generate a certificate signing request (CSR) to send to a certificate authority (CA) for signing, use the create_request subcommand. For example, to create a CSR for the host

    ./cycle_server keystore create_request

This will create and install a self-signed certificate. CycleCloud will begin using that certificate immediately with no restart required. The CSR is written to cycle_server.csr, which can be sent to your CA if you do not want to continue using a self-signed certificate.

Once you have the signed certificate bundle, save it to a directory (for example, certs/) and run:

    ./cycle_server  keystore import certs/domain.key certs/*.crt

Your CycleCloud installation is now using the signed certificate.

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