CycleCloud 6 feature: role-based access control

This post is one of several in a series describing features introduced in CycleCloud 6, which we released on November 8.

IT organizations love CycleCloud because it allows them to provide a cluster-as-a-service offering to a variety of users. To help with this, CycleCloud 6 adds improved role-based access control. Administrators often need to grant access to certain resources to some users, while preventing accessing to other resources.

Clusters and data transfer endpoints now have an Owner, which is the single user with which a resource is associated. But real life doesn’t always work that way, so resources can also be shared with other users. Sharing can allow for viewing or managing resources for people who need access.

To share a cluster, click the Share button on the Clusters page.

CycleCloud cluster menu showing the Share button

Then select the user and permissions.

CycleCloud Add Share window

CycleCloud also supports multiple roles. These roles are customizable to meet the specific needs of each customer. Permissions can be set site-wide for actions like creating clusters and changing platform settings.

CycleCloud 6 role editing UI

Roles can be assigned to users when they are created or edited later via the User Management page.

CycleCloud new user interface

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