CycleCloud 6 feature: Selection UI for Cluster-Init and Custom Chef

This post is one of several in a series describing features introduced in CycleCloud 6, which we released on November 8.

CycleCloud’s Cluster-Init and Custom Chef features provide the flexibility and automation needed for IT organization to provide a Cluster-as-a-Service offering to their users. New in CycleCloud 6 is the ability to graphically browse to the desired Cluster-Init and Custom Chef directories.

When creating a new cluster, the Software screen has options for setting the (optional) Cluster-Init and Custom Chef locations.

CycleCloud 6 interface for selecting Cluster-Init

Clicking the “Browse” button brings up a file browser window you can use to select the right option for your cluster.

CycleCloud 6 Cluster-Init GUI

At SC16? Stop by booth #3621 for a demo!

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