Mad Scientist could win CycleCloud BigScience Challenge…

Just kidding, he's just a potential finalist! 😉

As some of you may know, Cycle wants to help scientists answer big research questions that might help humanity by donating compute time using our utility supercomputing softare. But in the overwhelming response we've gotten to the CycleCloud BigScience Challenge we announced last week, we repeatedly get the question, "What kind of research benefits humanity?" And the answer isn't Dr. Evil researching "sharks with frickin' laser beams"!

Let's highlight a couple of the entries already received that might move us forward: There is the researcher doing quantum mechanics simulations for materials science to improve solar panel efficiency that might help "electrify 2.5 Billion people" with greener energy. Or the computational biologist that wants to use meta-genomics analysis to create a knowledgebase indexing system for stem cells and their derivatives, helping us "speed development of personalized cell-based therapies". Very exciting!

Maybe you analyze public government data to provide clarity. Or you research science that might help in the race to treat Alzheimer's, Cancer and Diabetes. Or you're simulating ways to more efficiently distribute food in places that need it. There's plenty of utility supercomputing applications ahead of us that could benefit humanity, and now's your chance to start.

Remember entries are due November 7th. So come join us. There's just four questions between you and the equivalent of 8 hours on a 30000 core cluster. So submit early & submit often, and let's change the speed that BigScience gets done!

Jason Stowe
CEO, Cycle Computing

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