Fortune 500s discuss Cloud HPC, Utility Supercomputing @ Cycle’s re:Invent session

As many of you know, at Cycle we think that giving every researcher, scientist, engineer, and mathematician access to the compute power they need, exactly when they need it, will enable humanity to achieve what its truly capable of. 

So we organized five Fortune 500 Cycle customers of ours to talk at AWS re:Invent at 1pm Wednesday the 28th, about Cloud, HPC, and utility supercomputing.

Whether its building safer medical devices, managing risk, helping quantify genomes at scale, protect hard-earned retirement funds, or find medicines to cure disease, they'll be talking about how they use Cloud to do it!

At 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday) come to "Enterprise HPC in the Cloud: Fortune 500 use cases" in room 3401A to see:

  • HartfordLIfe
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Life Technologies 
  • Novartis 
  • PacificLife

If you can't make the session come to Cycle's Booth #220, and we can talk more there!

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