CycleCloud 5.5.6 adds “report_error” to simplify error reporting

At Cycle Computing, our support team knows that customers rely on our products for business-critical work. So we are continuously working to provide faster, better, and more accurate support for our customers. Our latest release includes a new feature designed to simplify issue reporting, by automating the capture and transfer of your log and environment information. This enables us to respond much more quickly – and with much less customer effort – when customers run into problems.

We’re proud to announce a new feature in CycleCloud 5.5.6: report_error.

The report_error command automatically collects, packages, and (optionally) transfers information needed to resolve issues, such as log files and anonymized environment information. By default, the command sends the information directly to Cycle Computing; you simply send us the identifier given by the command. Or, if you prefer, report_error will write the information to a zip file that you can send to us yourself.

$ ./cycle_server report_error
CycleServer error reporter will collect the following information and upload it to Cycle Computing support:
- CycleServer logs
- Installed component information
- Non-identifying system information
Continue? [Y/n]
Generating report files in '/opt/cycle_server5/work/error_report'...Complete!
Uploading 3 files to Cycle Computing support...Complete!

Please contact with the following report ID:

This feature significantly reduces both the amount of back-and-forth communication during ticket creation and the time to diagnosis and resolution. With the new report_error command:

  1. You run ./cycle_server report_error
  2. You contact Cycle Computing support with the report ID and a description of the problem
  3. We receive the information and start diagnosing the issue

Using the report_error command not only saves you effort in collecting and reporting your issue, it also saves you time.

Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments…

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