Deliver Best-in-Class HPC Cloud Solutions Without Losing Your Mind

While cloud computing offers virtually unlimited capacity, harnessing that capacity in an efficient, cost effective fashion can be cumbersome and difficult at the workload level. At the organizational level, it can quickly become chaos.

You must make choices around cloud deployment, and these choices could have a long-lasting impact on your organization. It is important to understand your options and avoid incomplete, complicated, locked-in scenarios. Data management and placement challenges make having the ability to automate workflows and processes across multiple clouds a requirement.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to leverage cloud services as part of an overall computation approach
  • Understand data management in a cloud-based world
  • Hear what options you have to orchestrate HPC in the cloud
  • Learn how cloud orchestration works to automate and align computing with specific goals and objectives
  • See an example of an orchestrated HPC workload using on-premises data

From computational research to financial back testing, and research simulations to IoT processing frameworks, decisions made now will not only impact future manageability, but also your sanity.


  • Rick Friedman, VP of Solutions Development, Cycle Computing
  • Scott Jeschonek, Director of Cloud Products, Avere Systems


Avere Webinar Image2


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