Discovery & Invention

“Utility access to high performance computing will lead to a new era in Invention and Discovery.”

– Jason Stowe, Cycle Computing founder & CEO

Cycle Computing has a strong belief that by enabling greater access to powerful computing resources, all of humanity will benefit. This vision for being a part of a higher cause is one of the main driving forces for us Cyclers. So we envision a future that aims to eliminates waste. Wasted computing resources that either don’t achieve high utilization, or become obsolete before delivered. Wasted space and effort on building and maintain sometimes unnecessary on-premise computing resources. The waste we are most concerned with, is the wasted thoughts and mindshare from our best engineers, scientists, and analysis. For every thought that is wasted on thinking about computing hardware, software, middleware, raised floors, and interconnect – is time not spent inventing, researching, or improving.

Here we celebrate how greater access to powerful computing systems is truly leading to that new breakthrough era of invention and discovery.


Learn more about our most recent record-breaking cloud computing run, and the real-world science it helped advance.

Use Cases

Read more about our published Use Cases that include successes in Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Business Analytics, and other areas of important research.