Big Science Challenge

Cycle Computing is very excited to announce the 2nd Annual Big Science Challenge –  a contest aimed at breaking the computation and data limits Life Sciences researchers face as they work to answer questions that will help humanity. To enter, simply complete a brief online nomination that describes your unanswerable computational science questions and how right-sized compute and data access at the right time could free you to make impossible science possible.The contest is open to any scientist or researcher in the Life Sciences field, non-profit or for-profit, anywhere in the world. Particular consideration will be given to those nominees whose environment challenges involve the need to access both on-premise and cloud-based compute and data resources. Entries will be accepted beginning in December, 2013.

From the field of entrants, five finalists’ submissions will be selected to present their entry live to an esteemed panel of judges including industry luminaries such as Kevin Davies of Bio IT World, Peter Shenkin of Schrodinger, and Matt Wood of AWS. The winner will receive Utility HPC compute time. Our inaugural Big Science Challenge produced an impressive field of many researchers doing fantastic work to benefit humanity.  Alan Aspuru-Guzik of the Harvard University Chemistry department and the Harvard Green Energy Project was chosen as the Runner-up, and Victor Ruotti from Jamie Thomson’s Stem Cell Lab at the Morgridge Institute for Research was the winner!

Keep checking back to this site for more details on the 2014 Big Science Challenge.