Enterprise HPC Conference Takeaway: Finding the Best Answer is Most Important

Tim Carroll

By Tim Carroll, Cycle Computing Vice President Ecosystem

PanelEnterpriseHPCLast week’s Enterprise HPC 2014 conference in San Diego was a highly focused series of panels and discussions targeting leaders responsible for implementing technical computing within commercial environments. It was a shot in the arm to hear so many companies using HPC to drive business results. Michael Hughes from Cummins, Donour Sizemour from Two Sigma and Arden Anderson from Mercury were an impressive sampling of the next generation of HPC thinkers. They sat on a panel together and the word “result,” was the one used most often. I do not even recall if they described their infrastructure, rather they focused on their users’ needs and the lines of business they support. Of course, that mindset is not limited to the private sector, James Lowey from TGEN and Anthony Galassi from NGA can always be counted on to remind us all that ultimately the value of oTim Carroll at EnterpriseHPC 2014ur work is in the answers we provide not how we provide them.

I have never been more excited to be in this industry. I would stack the people in that room up against any whiz kid writing apps to find rides to the airport or street tacos. The more we can direct our brightest minds toward solving the most important problems facing business and society, the sooner people will understand our industry focus has shifted from faster systems to faster answers.

It’s exciting to see a broad understanding and acknowledgement that the most important thing today is getting results, and finding better answers; and this is exactly why I am so energized to be here at Cycle. While some people may call us Cloud HPC, cloud is not really the thing – and neither is HPC. Faster answers is what drives us and for today, HPC and cloud happen to be an extremely promising path to a whole lot more of them.

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