Enterprise HPC in the Cloud: Fortune 500 Use Cases

Cycle Computing invited some of their customers to AWS re:Invent to talk about the amazing science, analytics and discovery they are executing at scale in concert with Cycle technology platforms. Our segment was called “Enterprise HPC in the Cloud: Fortune 500 Use Cases“. First up Jason Stowe Cycle Computing CEO gives a wonderful overview of why Utility Supercomputing really matters for each and every one of us!


However, we also thought it would be wonderful to share our customers activities with you so you may see what leading players in the field of Utility Supercomputing are doing on a day to day basis. There are four amazing talks below, each do an excellent job of highlighting the challenges and solutions for each domain.  The talks describe the use of utility supercomputers to solve real world problems in Life Science, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, and Insurance.

The latest and greatest in advanced workloads are discussed that are helping push these industries and technologies forward through the insights gained from big data and high performance computing, including a sneak peak into what they see as coming next.

First up, Kurt Prenger and Taylor Hamilton of J & J High Performance Computing:


Disparate internal clusters, lack of resource for large problem execution, and home grown systems pain.

Cycle Computing SubmitOnce – jobs are routed to internal and external clusters via configurable intelligence based on cluster loads, data size and estimated runtimes. Single entry point for users without having to understand complex backend systems.

Next up: David Chang, Assistant Vice President of Pacific Life:


Challenges: Increasing complexity in product design with extensive use of Monte Carlo simulations with added issues of regulatory requirements, and hedging and risk management needs.

Solutions: More efficient modeling techniques and broader adoption of new technologies such as GPGPU.

Next, Amitabh Shukla, Director Software Engineering at Life Technologies


Challenges: Living in the age of “the thousand dollar genome and the million dollar analysis” – George Church

Solutions: Ion Reporter ™ technology powered by Cycle Computing. IR Data Analyses with elastic CC2 instances via CycleCloud using Hadoop to bring vast data sets to the compute nodes. Cloud deployments simplify user experience, easy access, pay as you go and simple to deploy and manage solutions.

Finally, Robert Nordlund, Risk Management Technology at The Hartford Insurance Group


Challenges: Asset and Liability Modeling with a Dynamic Hedging Program. Large scale analysis with millions of policies, scenarios and trillions of calculations. All based on sensitive market movements, long time horizons and complex behaviors. 2.5 million core hour runs to target solution over a weekend.

Solutions: Two data centers 7,000 cpu and 448k CUDA cores, orchestrated by Cycle Computing’s CycleServer. Cloud resources deployed to reduce cost, increase scale to explore new technology, improved algorithms and boost application performance.

We really hope you enjoyed these wonderful insights into how our customers are gaining a significant edge with Cycle Computing technologies!  If you are facing similar challenges, feel free to get in touch!

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