Expand your realm of possibility with Big Data and HPC – Seminar

I recently had the chance to present at a seminar titled “Expand your realm of possibility with Big Data and HPC” sponsored by DellEMC. Attendees from around the northeast gathered to discuss their current and future Big Data and HPC needs.

The dialogue between the attendees is always the part that gets you thinking the most. It is interesting to see how the real world definition of “HPC” is getting broader and broader. Everyone was discussing how the users of their environments are no longer just classic large core count, math-based runs. They all see more and more data analysis users, more and more high throughput applications, and more and more workflows that mix all types to get to the answers they are looking for.

My presentation on Approaches for Cloud HPC addressed this by highlighting a number of the use cases we have seen, talking through a number of the lessons learned, and offering ideas on how to get started.

It was a great event with a mix of presenters. Jason Banfelder from discussed how HPC advances science at Rockefeller University, Al Rittaco from Becker College highlighted the work going on at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), and the DellEMC team presented on Big Data and HPC options they provide.

There was no doubt that is our ability to generate more and more data grows, our need to actually process that data and find insights is growing even faster.

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