How do we describe the changes cloud HPC brings?

Last week on Twitter, Kim McMahon asked “What word do you use for a disruptive technology – one that changes how things are done – other than ‘disruptive’?”

That’s a great question. We like the word “transformative”. In fact, we recently published a solution brief describing how our customers have transformed their businesses with cloud HPC and big compute. Moving a big compute workload into the cloud is more than just changing where the jobs run. The scale and flexibility that cloud computing offers has the ability to fundamentally change business processes.

Sure, you could call this “disruptive”, but that implies a single event and it sounds unpleasant. “Transformative” has a more positive connotation and it represents an ongoing change. If you’re interested in how cloud HPC and big compute can transform your business, contact us for a free cloud readiness consultation.

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