#HPCMatters: Vote for Cancer Research, High-tech Hard Disk design, and PetaFLOP-Scale HPC Cloud Computing

HPC Matters (#HPCMatters), which is why we do it. We are honored to be nominated seven times for the 2014 Annual HPCWire Readers’ Choice Awards this year. But the real credit goes to the people who make it matter: Novartis, HGST and University of Southern California. Check out the links detailing more of the work they performed and vote for them. The more we can do to raise awareness of the ground-breaking work our industry supports, the more resources and talent HPC will attract. We also need to highlight both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Chef, because they are critical pieces of the solution.

2014 HPCwire Readers Choice Awards

For the Readers’ Choice Awards, Cycle, our customers, and partners were nominated for the amazing work they are doing to support fighting cancer, building better hard drives to store the world’s information, and finding new solar materials on the world’s first PetaFLOP scale cluster in the cloud. Vote Now:

http://www.hpcwire.com/2014-hpcwire-readers-choice-awards/  Voting ends Oct 3.

These nominations and the use cases represent an ecosystem that makes all of this amazing work happen. We’re honored to be a part of enabling enabling Cloud HPC with partners like AWS and Chef.

If you do nothing else, vote for the Cancer Research use case in Question #8 “Best Use of HPC in the Cloud”! Below are links to videos about the great work researchers and engineers are doing to make the world a better place!

VOTE for Cancer Research:

  1. Best use of HPC in the cloud

Cancer research identifying three promising compounds, done by Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research with Cycle Computing and Amazon Cloud.

Steve Litster from Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research gave a great summary of their use of Cycle, Chef, and AWS in the 2014 AWS Summit Keynote in New York, here:


  1. Best use of HPC application in manufacturing

HGST using Cycle Computing for enabling hard drive design simulations using HPC in the Amazon Cloud. Steve Philpott, CIO of HGST, a Western Digital Company, gave a great talk about their use AWS and Cycle here:


Steve outlines HGST’s amazing acceleration of their business through HPC and BigData initiatives.


  1. Best use of HPC in life sciences

Cancer research identifying three promising compounds, done by Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research with Cycle Computing and Amazon Cloud (see Novartis above)

  1. Top supercomputing achievement

First PetaFLOPS scale Cloud HPC cluster (benchmarked throughput, not Rpeak/RMax) using 156,000 cores across 5 continents for Clean Energy Research by University of Southern California, enabled by CycleComputing on AWS running Schrödinger Materials Science tools.

Werner Vogels gave a great summary of this workload here, which was trying to find more efficient materials for solar panels by Dr. Mark Thompson of USC:

So check out the vote yourself, and regardless of whether we win, it is an honor to be in the company of such great users like Novartis, HGST, and USC, and partners like AWS and Chef, helping push humanity forward!

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