HyperXite Case Study

Elon Musk’s SpaceX started the Hyperloop project as a way to accelerate development of a fast, safe, low-power, and cheap method of transporting people and freight. Using pods in an evacuated tube, a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco would take just over half an hour instead of one hour by plane or six hours by car. A team called HyperXite from the University of California, Irvine was one of 27 teams that competed in Hawthorne, California January 27-29. And though they won a Pod Technical Excellence award for their work in the qualifying round, getting there was not easy.

The team needed to do a lot of simulation and could not get enough time on campus resources. HyperXite worked with Cycle Computing to use a Microsoft Azure cluster for their ANSYS Fluent™ simulations. Powered by CycleCloud software, two months of computing and research was shortened to five days of simulation.

Click the image to download the case study.

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