Intel Cloud Technology Announcement Features Novartis

Intel is a master gardner. When you step back and consider all the computing innovation company has done to foster and create IT ecosystems over the years, the company’s massive green thumb for technology is undeniable! And therein lies the reason we at Cycle Computing are very excited to see the attention Intel is putting on Cloud HPC. Even more exciting, is work we’ve done with a customer, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, is featured in a recent Intel announcement about this effort.

Intel announced its Cloud Technology Program to help businesses identify and leverage top performing technlogies for cloud applications. Pretty cool. It seems Intel has moved above ecosystems, and is now focused on clouds in the atmonsphere too. As we know, when clouds get seeded – rain follows!

Cycle Computing has generated a lot of attention lately due to some of our exciting Cloud HPC records, the most recent being The MegaRun, a 156,000+ core Cloud computing in 18 hours, over five continents (all 8 AWS regions), for research being conducted at University of Southern California (USC). BUT it’s important to understand that most of Cycle Computing’s customers are doing more modest Cloud runs, on a daily basis. 

Novartis reInvent slide

Novartis is one of those customers, and is focused on accelerating science and research in its fight against disease. We’ve been working with them for some time. They use both traditional HPC resources, as well as the Cloud. This is how the Intel Cloud Technology Program announcement references Novartis:

For example, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research performed an extensive analysis of instances to find that choosing a premium high-performing one would provide the company up to 65 percent cost savings over the lower cost, lower performing options when matching available capabilities with specific requirements of its workloads. It also allowed the company to significantly reduce the time spent on processing, creating faster turnaround of projects.

We’re excited to have helped in this effort – and it’s a common service we provide to all of our customers.

For more details on this, view this video from AWS re:Invent, where Steve Litster of Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research delivers a great overview about their work being done on the Cloud. Enjoy!



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