CycleCloud Key Features

CycleCloud is designed to enable enterprise IT organizations to provide secure and flexible cloud HPC and Big Compute environments to their end users. With dynamic scaling of clusters, the business can get the resources it needs at the right time and the right price. CycleCloud’s automated configuration enables IT to focus on providing service to the business users.

Administration features

  • Role-based access control to provide a secure platform
  • Support for enterprise authentication with LDAP or Active Directory
  • Reporting and alerting of utilization and cost information
  • Logging and auditing
  • Templating engine for flexible and repeatable cluster configuration
  • Full-featured web GUI, command line tools, and REST APIs
  • Easy instance configuration
  • Support for custom images

Workflow features

  • Dynamic scaling of Big Data, Big Compute and HPC workloads based on work queues
  • Scalability from ones to thousands of instances
  • Job submission, monitoring, and administration
  • Data transfer on-demand or on-schedule
  • SubmitOnce™ technology for seamless submission to internal or cloud resources

Customers like Pacific Life, Western Digital, Novartis, NASA, and many others have used CycleCloud to get maximum value from the cloud. Download our Transformations Solutions Brief to see how our customers have transformed their business with cloud HPC and Big Compute.

Cycle Workflow Graphic

CycleCloud is designed as a complete, multi-cloud workflow solution. The CycleCloud software manages all of the key elements for a full cloud-based workflow. These include cluster provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and optimization. Keeping track of the full workflow, leveraging the feedback loop through monitoring, and providing this across multiple workloads simultaneously makes it possible to rapidly expand computational capabilities without major modifications or delay.

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