Leveraging Public Clouds for Financial Services Workloads

Many industries are learning to leverage cloud resources to help the solve the challenge of ever increasing, and uneven, demands for computationally-based analysis. With the growth of available data, advanced algorithms, competitive pressures, government regulations, and shrinking deadlines, the analysts and IT organizations within these institutions are struggling to find ways to meet these demands.

This case study highlights one example of a financial workload and how it was moved to a public cloud. Specifically, we describe the CCAR regulatory analysis that motivated the project; we review the technical and organizational challenges associated with migration to the cloud; and we summarize the rewards of leveraging new approaches and using the cloud to resolve these problems. These challenges include security concerns, relationship to existing process, costs, technical experience, vendor choices and more. The rewards include delivering faster response to the business, improving overall operating efficiency, and driving improved business practices. Based on this initial success, several other time-sensitive workloads were migrated to a public cloud, thus enabling the organization be more responsive to customers and stakeholders.

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