Multiple Condor Schedulers on a Single host

So Cyclers have run multiple schedds per host since 2004/2005 when Jason did a Disney movie with Condor, running 12 schedds per submit server with Condor 6.6/6.7 and using software to load balance jobs between the schedulers. Given the interest in this area, we thought we could help explain how to do it in detail.

Often, when dealing with scheduling jobs at a large scale in Condor, it can sometimes become useful to simultaneously run more than one condor_schedd daemon on the same server. On modern, multi-core architectures, this technique can bring about several improvements: scheduler bottleneck avoidance, improved job startup times, improved condor_q query times, improved job submission times, and enhanced overall throughput.

Today, our guys wrote up both the new school (condor 7.4 or later) and the old school (Condor 7.2 or older) ways of implementing multiple schedulers. Since 2006 CycleServer has done load-based, job distribution between multiple schedulers, so that won't be covered. This post will show how to set up multiple schedulers on a single host, and name the schedds in question. Hope this helps:

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