Video: Jason Stowe Outlines the New Enterprise Workload of Cloud HPC in AWS re:Invent 2014 Interview

Recorded Live from the re:Invent 2014 (read our re:Invent blog) show floor in Las Vegas, Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe is interviewed by The Cube. In this in-depth conversation, Stowe covers everything from Cycle’s latest Enterprise-speed Cloud cluster it enabled for HGST (a Western Digital company) in November 2014 (read about the record-setting Enterprise Cloud HPC run here), to the company’s record-setting 156,000 core run conducted for researchers at University of Southern California (USC). But all of this isn’t done to set records and build bigger Cloud clusters, Stowe outlines – it’s all in the spirit of better arming researchers & engineers with the powerful tools they need to help them do their jobs better.

“The idea that you can just borrow 10-20,000 cores and give [those cores]  back when you’re done is just crazy. This all leads to enabling researchers & engineers to ask the right question – at a scale [beyond] their own internal clusters, to allow them to get better answers, faster.”

– Jason Stowe, Cycle Computing CEO

Click below to watch and listen to the full interview.

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