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The Leader In Cloud Orchestration For Big Compute

Cycle Computing is the leader in cloud computing orchestration software for Big Compute and Big Data. Our software makes large computation in the cloud productive at any scale, by orchestrating workflows, managing data, and enabling users in a secure, controlled way. By using Cycle Computing software and cloud resources, our users get to leverage zero queue times, unlimited amounts of a wide variety of architectures, and the ability to directly fit jobs to budget/value instead of available capacity.

For years, customers in Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and other Analysis, Engineering and Research areas have used Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud high performance cloud computing software to manage some of the world’s largest production cloud deployments. The ever increasing demand for support of compute and data intensive workloads, machine learning, genomics, analytics, and simulation is causing many organizations to struggle to meet the needs of their users. We solve that problem.