Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2014, a Good Week to Talk Cloud HPC

Tim CarrollBy Tim Carroll, Cycle Computing Vice President Ecosystem

For anyone who has been around academic research computing for a while, this is always a good week.  Henry Neeman’s annual Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium is this week, hosted on the campus of Oklahoma University (OU). It is a two day event jam-packed with presentations and discussions on the latest research and methodologies for people devoted to using computation to tackle important problems. The event is so helpful that in addition to attracting attendees from government, it has begun to attract those from industry as well.

I am personally excited to be there because this is the first time I get to see many old friends and colleagues in many months.  And no better place to talk about adding cloud HPC as one more tool in the computational toolbag than OSS14. OU was an early adopter of Linux clusters to bring more tools to their researchers, and cloud will provide even greater reach and flexibility as the footprint of technical computing continues to evolve.

We are a proud sponsor, so if you plan on being there, please track us down and say hello.

Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium






Background on Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2014

As part of the National Science Foundation’s (NSA) EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), the Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium is the longest running event of its kind. In line with the EPSCoR’s mission of strengthening research and education in science and engineering through the U.S., the event attracts visionaries and innovators from across the country.

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