OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Announced, Cycle Computing Products Unaffected

On March 19, 2015, the OpenSSL developers announced a set of releases to address some high-priority security issues. Because OpenSSL is an important part of secure communication on the Internet, Cycle Computing has paid close attention to these vulnerabilities. Cycle Computing products (including CycleCloud and DataMan) do not rely on these libraries, and are therefore unaffected. The OpenSSH package used to provide remote login access to Linux instances does make use of OpenSSL, however the announced vulnerabilities to not appear to affect SSH.

Customers who run other software on cloud instances that make use of OpenSSL (for example, the Apache web browser), should update the OpenSSL package as soon as it becomes available from the operating system vendor. Amazon has indicated that services provided by Amazon Web Services are not impacted or have mitigation plans in place.

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