Become CloudReady™

Become CloudReady™

Operating successfully in any new environment can be a challenge – and cluster cloud computing is no different. Since 2006, Cycle Computing has been working with a wide-array of technologies and organizations to successfully run workloads on the Cloud. No other software company even comes close to matching the experience, proven software, and tools, to create and grow a cluster cloud computing ecosystem. It’s time to become CloudReady™.

Cycle Computing Cloud-ready Partner: Schrödinger MaterialsSchrödinger logo Science 

Cycle Computing and Schrödinger have teamed up to offer the Schrödinger Materials Science Suite on the Cloud and elastic resources worldwide using Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud orchestration software. Learn more …

Cycle Computing CloudReady Target Profiles

Clearly there are a lot of ways to access and use the Cloud today. The Cycle Computing CloudReady™ program is focused on applications that involve technical computing, either High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, or High Throughput Computing (HTC) applications. If your organization is interested in being involved in these types of workloads in the Cloud – the CloudReady™ program is ideal.

The Cycle Computing CloudReady™ programs welcomes partners into five different categories:

  1. Software/Applications
  2. OEMs & System Integrators
  3. System Software
  4. Hardware
  5. Cloud Infrastructure

Please take a few minutes now to begin the process of becoming CloudReady™ by filling out the Enquiry form on the right and someone will be in touch with you. We look forward to working with you, and building out a great Cluster Cloud Computing community.