CycleCloud Overview

Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software suite is the leading cloud orchestration, provisioning, and data management platform for Big Compute, Big Data, and large technical computing applications running on any public, private, or internal environment.

For years, customers in Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and other Engineering and Research areas have used CycleCloud software to manage some of the world’s largest production cloud deployments. The ever-increasing demand for support of compute and data intensive workloads, machine learning, genomics, data collection, analytics, and simulation is causing many organizations to struggle to meet the needs of their users.

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Cloud based workflows deliver:

  • zero queue times
  • unlimited amounts of a wide variety of architectures
  • ability to fit jobs to budget/value instead of available capacity
  • dynamically adjustable infrastructure to service a wider range of applications
  • capacity to match spending to actual consumption

While it is easy to get a cloud server up and running, it is only productive once a full cloud workflow is created. Overall management, control, and efficiency of the workflow can be a challenge.

  • Users have the ability to exploit unlimited compute capacity, but often need assistance to exploit it effectively.
  • Optimizing and managing multiple cloud providers, especially given the various platforms they each provide, is complicated.
  • Placing workloads in public clouds raises security concerns that need to be addressed.

Running multiple workflows without tools can quickly become overwhelming. Leveraging the CycleCloud tool suite solves these issues plus more for users, system administrators and management, while delivering the maximum value out of any cloud workflow.

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