Screen shot of 156,000 Core MegaRun

Screen shot of 156,000 Core MegaRun

CycleCloud is the leading software for creating Technical Computing and HPC clusters in the Cloud, from small sized systems of 64-6,400 cores to systems that rank as some of the fastest computers in the world (156,000+ cores). CycleCloud makes it easy to deploy, secure, automate, and manage running calculations dynamically – in most cases with a single click.

The software elegantly orchestrates workloads from the user to the Cloud, overcoming the challenges typically associated Cloud HPC.

CycleCloud takes the delays, configuration, administration, and sunken hardware costs out of HPC clusters. Now, researchers and scientists can use CycleCloud to size the infrastructure to the technical question or computation at hand.


CycleCloud screen shotMain benefits include:

  • Complete large, time-critical analysis faster using your pipelines with tools like Galaxy, bow-tie, and BLAST

  • Easily manage large data sets with innovative multi-stream data movement techniques

  • Access 64 to 64,000 cores in minutes, for only as long as needed

  • Protect sensitive data with fully secured clusters and between environments

  • Synchronize internal and cloud data with advanced data transfer software

  • Reduce maintenance for internal cluster resources

Major features include:

  • Orchestration Layer
    • Ability to provision infrastructure in private/public Cloud, simply and scalable
    • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
    • Storage provisioning and file system creation and configuration
  • Application-aware and infrastructure-aware
  • Auto-Scaling matches science to optimal infrastructure
  • Handling Failures in Infrastructure
  • Security and Encryption Key Management
  • Usage Metering, Reporting & Audit

The Problem

Scientists and researchers are leveraging lots of computing power to simulate what formerly could only be conducted in a laboratory. These same researchers, in their quest for better science, are now turning to Cloud computing to gain access to virtually unlimited computing power, with a desire to reduce (or eliminate) the need to build and maintain expensive on-site clusters and the related infrastructure costs and liabilities.

Enabling secure, compliant science on the cloud is hard. Researchers want to have a seamless experience running typical NGS, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, or pharma workloads on the Cloud – making it as easy as running on internal clusters.

Challenges and problems include:

  • Cloud orchestration

  • Onboarding legacy applications

  • Reporting & Auditing

  • Security

  • Operations Support

CycleCloud addresses each of these challenges, and is designed to make HPC Cloud computing easy.

Cloud Cluster Computing Made Easy

CycleCloud, combined with Azure infrastructure, takes the delays, configuration, administration, and sunken hardware costs out of HPC clusters.

Don’t limit your question to the fixed-size HPC cluster you have! Size the infrastructure to answer the technical question or computation at hand. By leading the utility supercomputing revolution, Cycle Computing has gained world-class insight and experience into running production-class computations in the cloud.

For more information take a tour, try it for yourself, or contact us to set up a demonstration.