Easy HPC Administration & End User interface

CycleServer consoleCycleServer eases the administration of HPC environments. It provides valuable insights through visualization, analysis, and reporting, and saves time by providing an easy interface to managing and using your HPC clusters. With support for Condor, (with GridEngine, Torque and Hadoop coming soon), CycleServer is a single management and submission interface for all your grid activities.

Administrators, department heads and end users can use CycleServer’s easy web interface to perform day-to-day Grid related tasks. All of the current information about the state of jobs, machines, schedulers, and pools are presented in an intuitive way making it easy to understand, visualize, and manipulate the current status of your grid.

Deploy quickly. Scale quickly.

CycleServer is easy to deploy and helps you scale up your HPC operations quickly and efficiently. CycleServer is used within Fortune 100 companies to manage multiple clusters with tens of thousands of execution slots and queuing capacity for hundreds of thousands of jobs.