As the storage archiving solution to the Cloud, DataMan™ (formerly called DataManager™) creates secure, durable, elastic and data-aware scheduling for large data challenges.

It has been used in large-scale environments, including a 1.2 PB genome archive for a San Diego-area biotech company, as well as lab image processing, and other data use cases by some of the leading companies in the world.

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Security – CycleServer™ gives clients the capability to locally control encryption and key management for data in transit and at rest in Amazon Glacier.

Amazon Glacier allows secure data transfer over SSL and automatically stores data at rest using AES 256 encryption standards.

Durability – Amazon Glacier posts an average annual durability of 99.999999999%* and synchronously stores data across multiple availability zone and regions. CycleServer™ & DataMan™ allows for control on which Amazon regions are utilized for regulatory purposes.

Elasticity – Pay for what you use, not what you don’t or might need.

Data Awareness – DataMan™ collects and stores metadata, allowing for advanced data management.

Chargeback – Usage stats provided through CycleServer™ allow simple chargeback and user-awareness of cost savings.

Cost savings and Avoidance – Avoid buying new storage by freeing up spinning disk using cost-effective cloud archival.

Simplicity – Place control in users’ hands to access and recall archived data, as well as the accounting and chargeback.  The risky, cumbersome and expensive step of data migration during traditional hardware refresh becomes a task of the past.


In order to handle Petabyte-scale use cases that saturate 5 Gigabit per second links, DataMan™ some very innovative capabilities, including:

  • Data scheduler – DataMan™ conducts efficient transfers of large amounts of data to archival storage on the Cloud with bandwidth optimization and support for just-in-time, recurring, or scheduled transfers

  • Metadata store – DataMan™ accurately tags and stores data files, which enables users to quickly identify needed files and retrieve them.

  • Endpoint-agnostic – DataMan™ is an effective solution regardless of where data is coming from, or going to. The software knows what to do regardless of source or end-point, including hosts, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier or other.

  • Secure – All data is encrypted using enterprise encryption key management, and also meets Firewall requirements.

  • Centralized access with multiuser support – Through a single pane of glass-like interface, multiple users can share access to DataMan™ for management of data scheduling & archiving, using permission policies.

  • Parallel transfers enabling massive scale – DataMan™ uses multiple threads – or multiple instances of DataMan™ – run at the same time to maximize bandwidth utilization.  This enables large scale data transfers; data transfers involving petabytes of data would not be possible without it.


Companies and organizations that require data storage, and archival storage, often spend too much on hardware and related infrastructure using internal resources. For data that requires infrequent access, an alternative Cloud storage solution can cost-effectively, securely, and reliably meet these needs. Examples uses include:

  • Files on spinning disk that you may need; someday

  • Scientific data

  • Compliance

  • Traditional archive

  • Former employee’s data

  • Digital preservation

  • Database dumps

  • ‘Orphan’ data

  • Data with redundant geographic storage requirements

Challenges exist to effectively meet the requirements of an enterprise, such as:

  • Accurate and efficient tagging of data for easy retrieval

  • Encrypting data before transit to ensure only the user has keys to view the data

  • Efficient transfer of large amounts of data to archival storage on the Cloud

  • Ensuring data is available when running jobs

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