Recognizing HPC Invention: Cycle Computing & Customers Receive 4 HPCWire Readers Choice Nominations

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 3.34.34 PMThe arrival of autumn brings both some cooler air, as well as thoughts of the annual SC event – the high performance computing's (HPC) largest event. SC13 will be held in Denver Nov. 17-22, and is always one of my favorite events of the year.

With so much going on, it's sometimes nice to step back and recognize the amazing work that's happened over the past year. And this is exactly what the HPC Wire Readers Choice Awards ( are all about.

At Cycle Computing, we feel honored to be a part of four different nominations to receive Readers Choice Awards where clients are using Cycle and Amazon Web Services to accelerate invention.

These awards are really about our customers, and what they've been able to accomplish through technology. Cycle Computing has been nominated for three and one of our customers make it four. Because the nomination descriptions are somewhat limited, I've put together further background on each, and am encouraging people to visit the HPC Wire Readers Choice Awards website and to vote. Voting ends Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013.

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1. Best use of HPC application in manufacturing

Johnson & Johnson for its deployment of Cycle Computing SubmitOnce software in complex computer aided design simulations with Dassault Systemes Abaqus

Challenges: Disparate internal clusters, lack of resource for large problem execution, and home grown systems pain.

Solutions: Cycle Computing SubmitOnce – jobs are routed to internal and external clusters via configurable intelligence based on cluster loads, data size and estimated runtimes. Single entry point for users without having to understand complex backend systems.

Video: Presentation at Amazon Web Services Re:Invent

2. Best use of HPC in life sciences

Life Technologies and Cycle Computing develop Ion Reporter Software for genome sequencing.

Challenges: Living in the age of "the thousand dollar genome and the million dollar analysis" – George Church

Solutions: Ion Reporter ™ technology powered by Cycle Computing. IR Data Analyses with elastic CC2 instances via CycleCloud using Hadoop to bring vast data sets to the compute nodes. Cloud deployments simplify user experience, easy access, pay as you go and simple to deploy and manage solutions.

Video: Presentation at Amazon Web Services Re:Invent

4. Best use of HPC in financial services

Pacific Life Insurance for using HPC technology to help tackle its challenging risk management and regulatory reporting demands

Challenges: Increasing complexity in product design with extensive use of Monte Carlo simulations with added issues of regulatory requirements, and hedging and risk management needs.

Solutions: More efficient modeling techniques and broader adoption of new technologies such as GPGPU.

Video: Presentation at Amazon Web Services Re:Invent

8. Best use of HPC in the cloud

Cycle Computing for its CycleCloud software solution for computationally intensive cancer research

"Here is the story of a 10,600 instance (i.e. a multi-core server) HPC cluster created in 2 hours with CycleCloud on Amazon EC2 with one Chef 11 server and one purpose in mind: to accelerate life science research relating to a cancer target for a Big 10 Pharmaceutical company."

You can read the full blog here:

insideHPC, The Rich Report interview:

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I hope this blog was useful in providing more background on these great examples of HPC in the past year. Please go and vote now

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