Scale-Out Storage and Big Compute

Google Cloud, Avere Systems, and Cycle Computing experts share best practices for advancing solutions to big challenges faced by enterprises with growing compute and storage needs. In this “best practices” webinar, you’ll hear how these companies are working to improve results that drive businesses forward through scalability, performance, and ease of management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How enterprises are using Google Cloud to gain compute and storage capacity on-demand
  • Best practices for efficient use of cloud compute and storage resources
  • Overcoming the need for file systems within a hybrid cloud environment
  • Understand how to eliminate latency between cloud and data center architectures
  • Learn how to best manage simulation, analytics, and big data workloads in dynamic environments
  • Look at market dynamics drawing companies to new storage models over the next several years


  • Michael Basilyan, Product Manager, Google Cloud
  • Scott Jeschonek, Director of Cloud Products, Avere Systems
  • Rob Futrick, Chief Technology Officer, Cycle Computing

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