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In the modern world of product design and manufacturing, computer based design including simulation and analysis is a key part of any design process. Whether leveraging CFD, FEA, EDA, crash analysis, or other types of tools, timely and efficient access to computational environments is critical.

Access to the right type of computing resources, at the right time, in the right quantity is a huge challenge for many design teams. Schedules and workflows often create periods of intense simulation needs and then corresponding times when the horsepower is not needed. Limiting design options and alternatives because of the lack of compute resources at critical times can impact product quality, effectiveness, cost and time to market.

Cycle Computing software combined with cloud-based compute and storage gives designers, engineers and analysts the resources required at the time they are needed – simply, efficiently, and effectively. Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software suite is the leading cloud orchestration, provisioning, and data management platform for engineering applications running on any cloud or internal environment.


HGST Design Example:


HGST Overview Slide


One of the design teams at HGST is focused on developing new disk drive head assemblies. As disk sizes have increased, the design of the head assembly has become increasingly challenging pushing both electrical and physical boundaries will needing to work within very tight parameters.

As part of a recent project, the design team realized that being able to exhaust as many possible options, as quickly as possible, would be key to the project’s success. In this case, that translated into the need to run multiple simulations in parallel quickly so that options could be reviewed, enhanced or discarded, and re-simulated to validate specification.

With access to a finite amount of existing infrastructure the design team choose to leverage a cloud-based approach to get the resources they needed, in the quantity they needed for only the time they needed them. By working with Cycle Computing and leveraging the CycleCloud software, HGST was able to increase their available capacity by 10X. This enabled them to validate over 1M design options and get to market 2X faster than previous projects. All while meeting key security and data management requirements.

For additional information, on how Cycle Computing is helping with Manufacturing & Design today by watching this Webinar, Accelerate Manufacturing Design Innovation with Cloud Based HPC, featuring David Hinz, Director, Global Cloud Strategy, HGST;  Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing and Dave Pellerin, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services



Cycle Computing has been assisting designers, engineers and analysts in the manufacturing and product development areas with leveraging cloud resources to quickly evaluate design options, perform more detailed simulations and speed time to market.


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