Financial Services

Today’s financial services companies face an ever increasing need for computational resources to meet business, regulatory, and development needs. Areas like compliance analysis and reporting, back testing algorithms, simulating risk analysis, portfolio optimization and more are constantly looking to develop and produce more detailed, accurate, and relevant answers.

Access to the right type of computing resources, at the right time, in the right quantity is a huge challenge for many firms. Data centers are only so big and new / additional equipment can take months to bring online. New approaches require unique software environment that need to be isolated from other workloads. Resource requirements can be “lumpy”, with times of over-subscription and times of under-utilization. All these issues can impact business compliance requirements, algorithm accuracy, and overall business success.

Cycle Computing software combined with cloud-based compute and storage gives financial firms the resources required at the time they are needed – simply, efficiently, and effectively. Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software suite is the leading cloud orchestration, provisioning, and data management platform for financial modeling and simulation applications running on any cloud or internal environment.


Financial Services Example:


FinServ Overview Slide


The compliance team at a major financial institution was being buffeted by increasing reporting requirements compounded by rapidly growing day to day computational activity. This put the team in the position of having to deal with rapidly growing data volumes, increased criteria testing, finite resources and a very fixed deliverable date.

The group supporting this team realized that expanding existing infrastructure would never be able to keep up with the increased volume demands during peak usage and would leave vast resources under-utilized during non-peak. They needed a solution that could scale up quickly and efficiently.

To meet this requirements and to prepare for the future, the team choose to leverage Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software to implement a fully secure, scalable cloud based workflow. With this new workflow, they were able to easily scale to handle the increasing data volumes and meet the deliverables. However, that was only step one. Upon realizing they now had access to a controlled, tuned, workflow, the team was able to propose increased runs to provide even more timely analysis and assist the business in meeting their objectives. All this without the need for additional staffing or capital purchases.

Beyond the example above, Cycle Computing has been helping financial services customers maximize their results in many computational intensive areas.


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