The benefits of Accounting Groups and Group Quotas

<p>Today, I’m going to post a text explanation of a presentation I gave at CondorWeek 2007. The topic was new features in Condor’s negotiation algorithm that should enable a common use case for organizations with demanding users. </p>

<p>In most enterprises, or other large organizations with demanding users, the requirements for Group_Quota are straightforward:</p>

<ul><li>Guaranteed Minimum Quota</li>

<li>Fast Claiming of Quota</li>

<li>Avoid Unnecessary Preemption </li></ul>

<p>This is because users in these environments have purchased compute capacity. They don’t mind sharing empty capacity, but they want what they pay for. And they want it as soon as they submit work. That is, now. Frequently, these jobs are running as Vanilla or Java Universe, which means no checkpointing, so we also need to avoid unnecessary preemptions. </p>

<p>Condor uses three common mechanisms to allocate which jobs should be running on which resources:</p>

<ul><li>&quot;Fair-share&quot; User Priority</li>

<li>Machine RANK</li>

<li>AccountingGroups and GROUP_QUOTA_*</li></ul>

<p>Generally, there is a natural progression in the use of these features, starting from top to bottom as pool usage evolves. </p><br />

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