The Quiet Revolution: How Cloud Cluster Computing Has Defined the New Speed & Agility of Business

The Quiet RevolutionariesRecently, Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe was featured among four other business leaders and innovators in an online book published by Chef, called The Quiet Revolutionaries. Chef, a software automation platform company, and the other people featured in the book, called Quiet Revolutionaries, all share a vision for serving up a better customer experience, faster. Cycle Computing has worked with Chef for more than five years.

In the book, Jason celebrates the innovative spirit & leadership of several of Cycle Computing’s customers. These customers, like Novartis, and Compendia, are motivated to move fast; more directly driven to shorten time to market. To meet these demands, researchers needed more computing power, and corporate IT needed to be innovative. But innovative companies aren’t doing this to be innovative – they are doing it to achieve better results, faster.

Compendia & Novartis highlighted some of their results while speaking at recent AWS events. In both cases, the companies are leveraging Cloud cluster computing in a fight against cancer. The results speak for themselves:

  • As part of its gene detection project, Compendia BioScience evaluated more than 4,000 DNA and RNA samples, 19 cancer types. Working with Cycle, Compendia accomplished 15.6 years of computing analysis in just a few day.
  • Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research completed 39 years of computing in just hours! More importantly, they identified three compounds that are now being explored further in the fight against cancer.

Customers like Compendia, and Novartis achieve this new agility by working working with Cycle Computing software to dynamically provision hundreds, to thousands, to hundreds of thousands of cores to create on-demand clusters in the cloud.

Jason outlines how innovators have paved the way to this new era of R&D, where faster, more agile businesses are the new norm. For more, please go to the online book,  The Quiet Revolutionaries, and read the chapter titled Code and Unlimited Compute Are Essential For Extreme Speed.

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