Welcome aboard! Futrick and Carroll Strengthen Cycle Management Team

In business, we’re always looking for indicators to provide greater insight. As an example, one of the most watched indicators for publicly-traded companies is Insider Transactions (the legal kind). Why? Well – in many cases, it can be the strongest indicator of how the company is performing. Are the executives buying stock, selling, holding … and what do they know behind the scenes that we don’t?

Rob Futrick, Cycle Computing CTO

Rob Futrick, CTO

So it’s exciting to see the people who want to be a part of what we’re doing here at Cycle. While we’ve been attracting top talent from every aspect of our business, we recently announced the addition of Tim Carroll and Rob Futrick to our management team. Welcome aboard! Read the full announcement here.

Rob’s been with Cycle from nearly the start – and the change is to formalize his role as chief technical officer (CTO). In any measurement, Rob is likely the most experienced engineer on the planet in implementing high performance computing (HPC) Cloud computing runs. So I’ll admit, I feel pretty good knowing we’ve secured the top draft pick in this space. No one has more insight, experience, and vision than he does.

Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll, VP

Next, an old friend of mine, in every sense of the word ;), Tim has joined the company to help manage key relationships, and to accelerate the creation of Cycle’s powerful Cloud HPC ecosystem. Tim most recently worked as Dell’s Global Lead for HPC – building and managing that business into the third largest HPC vendor in the world. That’s interesting because Tim and I worked together years ago at Linux Networx, where we were at the forefront of driving X86-based systems into HPC. This was at a time, you may recall, when the industry was dominated by expensive and proprietary SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) machines – and the industry was thick with nay-sayers … Looking back now, we were part of that disruption that proved that computing systems running open source software on Intel could compete with these legacy supercomputers. As part of that disruption, more organizations can now have access to high performance computing … and today is the dominate architecture in HPC. It sounds familiar to the position Cycle Computing is in today.

We’re excited to have both of them on the team! See below for more details.

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